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NOTE: We do NOT offer BTW Only instruction for Teens at this time. We can only accommodate BTW instruction for students who complete classroom instruction with our school via our Teen combo classes.

How long is each behind-the-wheel session for adults?

Two hours. The reason is that part of your session time is taken up by driving from the starting point to a predetermined location and back again. Each session is designed to work on specific driving tasks at locations that are best suitable.

How much do you charge for a behind-the-wheel session for adults

Check, cash or credit card: $110/lesson (2 hours) +Tax or $520/10 hours of prepaid lessons +Tax with discount for adults only. See all Adult BTW offerings and current prices here.

Can we use your vehicle for the road test?

Yes. However, you need to inform us of this at or before your first lesson. Appointments normally need to be made approximately 3-7 weeks in advance. Appointments at the main DMV normally run 3-12 weeks ahead of time. The charge for this is approximately 3½ hours (depending on travel time to and from DMV), which includes pick-up and drop-off, use of car, advising, 60-90 minutes of pre-test driving, the actual time to do the road test, and other related matters.

What if I just want to rent your car for the road test only? 

We still need to pre-qualify you with one lesson prior to the road test. This is what we call our “Road Test Service.” We would arrange this lesson to be a few days prior to your appointment. Your cost would be $285+Tax which includes one lesson, the car rental fee and a warm-up session. Note that if we feel your driving is not up to par, then we will NOT allow you to use the car without more practice or lessons.

Non-combo class Teens or Adults can register and make payment for our regular-price “Road Test Service” here.

Teen Combo class participants (only) can register and make payment for our discounted-price “Road Test Service” here.

Please note additional fees of $8.00 for the road test and $20 for driver license.

How many lessons/hours do I need to take to get my license? Now this is a loaded question!

  • If you have never driven before, we recommend 10 hours of lessons. During the 10 hours, we will cover the same ADTSEA curriculum that we teach the minors under 18 year of age in 6 hours (They have the added benefit of 30 hours of classroom instruction). This curriculum includes but is not limited to learning to: brake and accelerate smoothly, make safe good turns, safely negotiate intersections, perform all types of parking, do safe lane changing, execute proper strategies for freeway on and off ramps as well as freeway driving, exercise defensive driving techniques in different driving situations, and most importantly developing a recognition of potentially high-risk situations ahead of time.
    • Assuming that you will not practice drive outside of each lesson, it normally requires an average of 4-6 additional hours of lessons to be ready for the road test.
    • For some people it requires 8-12 additional hours of lessons, depending on their coordination and God-given abilities.
    • If you are from another country, it often times requires additional hours of lessons to get better acquainted with our traffic laws and roadway systems.
    • If you are able to practice drive several times outside of each lesson, then 10 hours of lessons should suffice.
  • If you have already driven several hours, we will customize our lessons to your needs to be able to pass the road test. After the first session we will give you an evaluation of what you need to work on and how many hours of lessons we feel you will need to be test ready.
  • If your goal is to have an awareness and be confident in your driving abilities, we will work with you to overcome your fears and difficulties about driving. We have had a number of students who have far exceeded the minimum amount of lessons to get their license. The reason was because they had no one to practice with outside each lesson and would be driving solo once they obtained their driver’s license. Because of the extra lessons, they were much more seasoned than most new licensed drivers. We have also had licensed drivers who were afraid and lacked confidence take these lessons to become aware and confident drivers.

Do you know the routes of the test sites?

Yes! On at least one of the sessions, we will drive the test site routes and surrounding roads to make you familiar with the area.

What are my chances of passing on the first attempt?

The following list is in order of the highest percentage in the 90+% to the lowest percentage of approximately 50-70%.

  • The vast majority of minors under 18 who take our program pass on their first attempt.
  • The vast majority of college students pass on their first attempt.
  • A greater majority of adults 22-30 years old pass on their first attempt.
  • A majority of adults over 30 years old pass on their first attempt.
  • A lesser majority of foreigners pass on their first attempt.

Older and foreign students tend to take the road test without enough practice hours. Foreigners have much more to learn of our driving environment than the person who grew up here. The more practice time you can have before the road test, the greater your chance of passing. Because of the cost of driving lessons and not having accessibility to a practice vehicle, adults tend to take the road test with less than 20 hours behind the wheel. This is the major reason why they have a lower passing rate on their first attempt. Remember that teens are required by law to practice at least 50 hours before they qualify to take the road test.

Should I fail, how long must I wait before I can re-take the road test?

The earliest is in 1 week. If the examiner feels you need more practice time, it would be longer in multiples of weeks.

Getting your driver’s license is not the same as being road safe. Be sure to get as many hours of driving with a licensed driver in as many different types of situations before you solo. Statistics show that collision rates are highest for the new driver during the first 12-24 months of driving with a license. It also shows that it takes approximately 5 years to become an experienced driver.

A number of our adult and teen students take extra lessons toward becoming road safe.

If I miss a classroom session or a BTW driving appointment, is there a fee?

Yes, if you do not reschedule with HDI at least 72 hours prior to classroom session or BTW driving appointment, the fees are as follows:

  • Classroom Rescheduling Fee: $26.18
  • Teen BTW Rescheduling Fee (1 hour): $52.35
  • Adult BTW Rescheduling Fee (2 hours): $110.00

How do I request a new date and pay the fee?

The Classroom Rescheduling Fee form is located on the Teen: Classroom & BTW page HERE.

On the Classroom & BTW Rescheduling Fees form, please select a date of a future classroom session that matches the class number missed. For example, if you are rescheduling class #3 of the 6-hour class format, please select a class date that matches class #3 of a future session and input that class date on the request/payment form. However, always be sure to get prior approval from HDI before filling out the reschedule form and making payment. Call Ron at (808) 488-0001 or text (808) 306-9552 to reschedule 72 hours in advance, or to request a new classroom date or BTW driving appointment if you miss the 48-hour window.

It is highly recommended to pay the appropriate rescheduling fee online via credit/debit card HERE.