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“Codi passed! Thank you so much for being such an amazing teacher! We will be sending our son your way in about a year.”

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Brandi S.
Aiea, HI


“Joshua passed his driver’s test… all thanks to you! I believe all new drivers need an instructor like you! You are such a great teacher and genuinely care about your students and the safety of the community! Thank you!”

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Julia S.
Ewa Beach, HI


“Hi Ron,

I just want to let you know that my son passed his driving test last Thursday, 1st try. You did a good job. I want to let you know that you are good at what you do and continue to share/teach kids and adults the way you do now, more so, on the safety of teenage driving. After going to your class, I can tell that he is more mindful of his responsibility of driving. It’s not only just because of himself now, but his surroundings can affect when he drives. The lady examiner praised him on checking first the bike lane as a lot of kids fail because of not being cautious there. His only red flag was when he turned lanes, she said to be mindful on the driver behind him as this can cause him a mistake. Other than that, it was all good.”

Thank you again,

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Judee C.
Honolulu, HI


“My son just finished his driving school. It has prepared him to take the road test. Mr. Aoki is a great instructor! Five Stars! The best driving school for my son. He has more confidence in driving and is ready for the road test. Mr. Aoki is a very friendly, informative, and patient instructor, the best. It’s close to the JBPHH military housing too!”

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Melissa G.
Honolulu, HI


“My daughter took her driving test today at the Dillingham location and passed! I wanted to thank you for helping her to strengthen her driving skills and understanding the rules of the road. She has quite a few classmates who received their certification from another school and it took them 2-5 tries to pass the same driving test. I feel she would have been in that same predicament if she didn’t take your class. Definitely money well spent.”

Thank you,

Direct email
Krissy C.
Honolulu, HI


“Ron is the best!!! He was the most patient, kind and caring instructor I could possibly have had. He enabled me to feel confident to ask any question if I was unsure. He never made me feel stupid when I made mistakes, which I did often… I really felt that it would take me a very long time to learn. Fortunately because Ron always encouraged me and assured me that I could do it, I picked it up in time to be prepared for my road test. He was always very prompt for my lessons and really happy to accommodate my driving lessons around my work schedule.

I truly believe it is because of Ron’s amazing way of instructing that I have managed to pass my road test the first time. Ron taught me not only the way to drive to pass my road test, but he also made sure that I’m as best prepared as I could possibly be for the everyday street driving after the road test. Therefore, I definitely recommend Ron Aoki to everyone who needs  Behind-the-Wheel driving instructions! Thank you again, Ron!”


Graduate Student
Yelp Review
Silvia B.
Honolulu, HI


“I recommend everyone wanting to take driving lessons to go to Ron Aoki. He is a very patient man and will help you master the skills of driving. He builds up your confidence and teaches you all the right techniques in becoming a safe driver. Ron is also a man of FAITH, someone who is really close to god and a strong believer in him. On the day of my road test I was so nervous that Mr. Aoki did a prayer for me telling me to leave it in gods hands, sure enough I passed on my first try. He uses many different ways in teaching you how to drive, for example parallel parking, right/left turns on intersections, changing lanes, and more. Each session you take you will be concentrating in a specific area. I have gained a ton of knowledge and skill from Mr. Aoki and I can honestly say that he changed my life not only in teaching me how to drive but being that strong godly man. It’s okay to make mistakes, were all not perfect but Mr. Aoki uses a high maximum repetition in mastering whatever he is trying to teach you. It’s like he makes driving seem so much easier. Overall I really recommend  anyone who is willing to take drivers ed to go to Ron Aoki, you will not regret it! Love you, Mr. Aoki and thank you again!”

Kevin Mortera

Undergraduate Student
Yelp Review
Kevin M.
ʻAiea, HI


“Ron is the most patient teacher I have ever come across when it comes to driving. It is few and far in between finding someone with such a strong grasp on driving law, the mechanics behind, and practical applications of driving. He is willing to share this all with you to make you a better and safer driver on Oʻahu’s streets.”

Adult Male Professional
Yelp Review
Christopher D.
Honolulu, HI


“All four of my daughters have taken Behind-the-Wheel instruction with Ron Aoki and all have passed the road test on the first try. I highly recommend students as well as adults to take driving lessons from him. He is extremely thorough in his explanations and has a very pleasant and encouraging personality.”

Mother of Four Girls
Yelp Review
Gloria O.
ʻAiea, HI


“Ron Aoki is great teacher I strongly recommend him!

He’s very patient with you, he doesn’t get angry or frustrated, and he explains things to you in different ways if you can’t get it the first time. He is very dedicated to his job and to helping other people. Before I took his behind the wheel classes I was a very nervous driver, I sucked at driving and I wasn’t confident at all. But Ron helped me step by step and assured me that by the end of my lessons I would pass. And I did! My first try!

Trust me, he is such a great teacher. I’m so happy I found him!”

Young Adult Mom
Yelp Review
Brandi K.
Pearl City, HI

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